In need of remarkable legal professionals? Preferred Counsel provides a large pool of qualified professionals ready and eager to join your team. Our superior reputation is based on finding exceptional legal professionals that fit into your company culture seamlessly. Our goal is to assist each client throughout the recruitment process to ensure the very best results and future employees.

Because our team is led by a practicing attorney we understand the market, we screen our candidates in ways that our competitors can’t which translates to a level of service unmatched in the area.

What we provide:

Skills Testing
Preferred Counsel has access to various qualification testing software to ensure you get the candidate with the perfect skillset.
Large proprietary database
We have accumulated a large database of potential candidates that includes personality traits, skill sets, and career information, making unearthing the right fit for your company an easy process.
Access to selective firms and companies
Preferred Counsel is led by fellow lawyer with a vast network of contacts, which allow us to find more qualified candidates in the hidden market.
Exclusive screenings
Because Preferred Counsel understands the unique and specific needs of our legal clients. we screen candidates differently than our competitors.